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Basic Internet Search Tips

Written by phil_admin on. Posted in Computer Help

Internet Search
« I can’t find what I’m looking for! »

Internet Search

Have you ever gotten frustrated when you search the world wide web, aka the internet, and cannot find what you are looking for? Well I have put together a few tipsHow to Change the Default Location of My Documents in Windows 7. Read more ... » for the next time you want results from your internet search.

Did you know you can do a Voice Internet Search on Google using Google Chrome? All that’s needed is a microphone. It’s simple to do an internet search out loud – simply click the microphone in the Google search bar and then you can start speaking away and the words show up for the search!  Amazing!

Usually type whatever comes to mind and hit Enter or click the Search button, and Google will do its thing. In the event you have Google Instant enabled, results of your internet search will appear as you type.

Most of the time, you’ll find exactly what you are looking for with a basic internet search. But some of the following tipsHow to Change the Default Location of My Documents in Windows 7. Read more ... » can helpHow to Change the Default Location of My Documents in Windows 7. Read more ... » you make the most of your internet searches.

(Click the bottom right >> (arrows) for full story!)

Some basic Internet Search facts:

Every word matters. For the most part, all the words you put in the internet search will be used. Search is always case insensitive. Almost all punctuation is ignored, including all those crazy symbols that look like you’re swearing. “That @#$%^&*()=+[] search didn’t work!”.

Try using these tipsHow to Change the Default Location of My Documents in Windows 7. Read more ... » for a better Internet Search:

A search on a computerHow to Change the Default Location of My Documents in Windows 7. Read more ... » is not human, it is a program which matches the words you type to pages your trying to find on the net. Using words which are most likely to show up on the website will get you alot further. So, think aboutEaster and Technology. Read more ... » how that page you are looking for might look like. For example, don’t say my head hurts – changing it to headache will most likely get you to the website your looking for, because that is the term a medical site is most likely to use on their site.

KISS – we’ve all heard it before – but it’s true – Keep it simple. If you are looking for a specific store, just type its name. Looking for a specific idea, place, or product? – start with its name. Looking for a pizza joint – enter pizza and your town or your zip. Simple is nice.

Select descriptive words.Words which are not descriptive, like ‘document,’ ‘website,’ ‘company,’ or ‘info,’ are just not necessary. The more unique the word is the more likely you are to get good results. Something to think aboutEaster and Technology. Read more ... », even if the word has the correct meaning but it’s not normally used by people, it probably will not get you the results you are looking for. Here’s a good example, celebrity ringtones is much better than celebrity sounds.

Use as few words as possible. With more words it will get lost in the shuffle because Google uses EVERY word. Remember start off with fewer words then add more to narrow it down. Here’s a good example, weather salem is simple and better than, weather document for salem oregon united states. Think of it as broken sentences – you know caveman talk – when you give the meat of the sentence you still understand. Me thirsty instead of Man, I sure could use a brewski right now!

So there you have it. Keeping it simple and specific and not so chatty will get you the search results you want quicker! Comments?  Let me know what you think…

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