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Zoom In Zoom Out

Written by phil_admin. Posted in Computer Help

Zoom In or Out On Webpages

Zoom in Zoom Out Tip

zoom – Have you ever surfed to a website and when you finally found what you’re looking for only to find out the text on the website was way too small to read? Or, perhaps you got there and you really needed to see the entire page of the website but the text was too big to see the entire page at once, without scrolling?

Well, I have an easy solution for you! Something so simple, you’ll be scratching your head saying, “Is that it?”

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Basic Internet Search Tips

Written by phil_admin. Posted in Computer Help

Internet Search
« I can’t find what I’m looking for! »

Internet Search

Have you ever gotten frustrated when you search the world wide web, aka the internet, and cannot find what you are looking for? Well I have put together a few tips for the next time you want results from your internet search.

Did you know you can do a Voice Internet Search on Google using Google Chrome? All that’s needed is a microphone. It’s simple to do an internet search out loud – simply click the microphone in the Google search bar and then you can start speaking away and the words show up for the search!  Amazing!

Usually type whatever comes to mind and hit Enter or click the Search button, and Google will do its thing. In the event you have Google Instant enabled, results of your internet search will appear as you type.

Most of the time, you’ll find exactly what you are looking for with a basic internet search. But some of the following tips can help you make the most of your internet searches.

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